About Us


The Association of Management of MBA/MMS Institutes in Maharashtra is registered as "Association of Management of MBA/MMS Institutes "bearing No. MAH/695/2005 Pune dated 26/05/2005.


The chief role of the Association is to be a significant contributor to the field of management and to revolutionizing the study of management at the post graduate level.


Indeed achieving the above-mentioned motto is not an easy task. Knowing this the association has meticulously formulated a set of objectives, which encompass all aspects related to MBA/MMS programme, starting from needs, analysis and admission procedures to quality teaching and meticulous evaluation. The objectives envisage setting up a forum for influencing national policy making on MBA/MMS programs, conducting CET for MBA/MMS for member institutes, forming University level Chapters, improving the efficiency of the member institutes through faculty exchange program, organizing national seminars, symposia etc. Along with this the Association will also provide education to teachers, publishing scholarly books on management, honoring outstanding professional , collecting , compiling and filling useful and advanced information in the subject and making it available to member institutes, maintaining healthy interaction between the institutes and industries , developing a healthy competition for students through extracurricular and co-curricular activities, suggesting modifications in the syllabus according to changing industrial needs , organizing student visits to industrial establishments, protecting the common interests of member institutes. It is hoped that the above specific objectives can fulfill the Association's larger aim of leading our student community to a bright future.


Be a Valuable resource to MBA/MMS Maharashtra Institutes Admissions, Quality Education and Student Placement.



Support the MBA/MMS Institutes in Maharashtra, helping them in their educational problems and student growth.